By: Carson Keel

TUSCALOOSA, Ala – Jaala Torrence and the Crimson Tide softball team breezed their way to a win Tuesday night, even if that meant a sacrifice of offense.

The Tide were able to win a pitchers battle with a 3-1 win.

Alabama and Western Michigan put on a pitching clinic

Jaala Torrence, who now holds a 5-2 record, was the starter for the Tide. Torrence has had a mixed record for the Tide so far this season, allowing 12 hits and having nine earned runs in eight appearances, three of those being starts. Torrence allowed one hit, which was a solo home run.

After 5.2 innings pitched, Montana Fouts was brought in to close out the game, pitching through the 6th and 7th.

Rissa Bajusz for Western Michigan also put on a show. After a hot start for Alabama in the first, she locked down the Tide for the rest of the game, allowing only four hits for the remaining portion of the game, with only six hits for the entire game.

Both pitchers had their opposing team on lock, with a total of seven hits throughout the entire game.

Alabama offense starts hot, then gets cold

Alabama bats had a great start to the game, with the offense putting the team up two to nothing in the bottom of the first inning. After that, well, the offense wasn’t really there. Maybe you could put it on Godwin solely, but that wouldn’t exactly be true.

Alabama was getting people on base, it felt that once someone was there, the team was just not willing to put in the manpower to either give them enough time to advance, or even give their teams a chance to move.

In the 6th, however, Emma Broadfoot and Lauren Esman were able to bring a sluggish offense back, with Esman bringing in Broadfoot to make it a 3-1 game.

The Tide’s next game is Wednesday night against UAB in Birmingham.