TUSCALOOSA, Ala – Alabama softball went back into the L column today, earning their first SEC play loss against the Arkansas Razorbacks with a 5 to 3 loss.

Fielding and pitching woes caused many of the issues for the Tide in their loss.

Pitching is still mixed for the Crimson Tide

Alex Salter started for the Tide, going for 2.1 innings pitched. She allowed three earned runs and had two hits allowed in the time she was up in the circle. Lauren Esman was brought in during the 3rd after 53 pitches from Salter, finding Salter in a bases-loaded jam to end her time in the game.

Esman was able to clear the situation and lasted for 2.1 innings pitched also. She threw for 44 pitches and had two earned runs.

Jaala Torrence was brought in to finish the game in the 5th, with 2.1 innings played, and pitches thrown. She was seemingly the calming factor for the team, allowing no runs, and only 34 pitches thrown.

A strength turns into a weakness for Alabama

Fielding was the other issue the Crimson Tide faced on the field. Alabama allowed a major error in the top of the 5th when a ball went past 2nd, and neither Jenna Johnson or Jordan Stephens were able to collect it, allowing a run to be scored for the Razorbacks. Johnson was credited for the error

Then the Tide allowed another similar error, allowing Arkansas to make it a 5-2 game. Stephens was then credited for the 2nd error in the same inning.

Fielding has been a strong suit for the Tide, so seeing it be turned against them is something that could be interesting to watch over the next few games.

A 7th inning miracle doesn’t appear for the Tide

Alabama needed something to happen, the team grinded through the lineup, hoping for something to happen, they managed to get the bases loaded with zero outs, but after a single, to make it a 5-3 game, the Tide offense went cold, leading to the teams first SEC play loss.

The Alabama softball team next plays on Monday against the Arkansas Razorbacks in the series finale at Rhoads Stadium. First pitch is at 6 PM CST.