On this Wednesday’s edition of the Student Section, the show was jam-packed with news about Dixieland Delight’s return, Tua’s injury, College Football Playoff predictions, upcoming basketball season, and an interview with special guest Tony Barnhart!

First on the slate of the Student Section, the return of Dixieland Delight to Tuscaloosa! On the Wednesday before the homecoming game against Missouri, Athletic Director Greg Byrne tweeted out a video of him, Terry Saban, Damien Harris, and Price McGiffert. He had announced that Dixieland Delight would be making it’s return, as long as the student body sang the new version which had switched some of the more expletive parts of the song. The song was sang at the game on Saturday, and it was electric. The stadium was rocking in the fourth quarter as everyone joined together to sing along and take part of “Dixieland Delight Done Right”.

Next, Tony Barnhart, AKA “Mr. College Football”, ┬áspoke with them as they talked about some of the hottest topics in the college football world right now. Starting with Tennessee’s upset of Auburn and what kind of impact that has on the tigers moving forward. While Tennessee ended their 11 year SEC losing streak, Tony said that Auburn coach Gus Malzahn is safe and that there’s no way Auburn would fire him seven games into a seven year contract. Afterwards, Tony talked about how Alabama should win “comfortably” versus Tennessee. They then moved on to the top five in college football and how if teams such as, Clemson or Notre Dame lose their chances for a playoff bid are virtually gone. Also, the SEC’s hopes for two teams in the CFP are very slim with LSU upsetting Georgia this past weekend.

Another controversy in college football right now is Nick Bosa’s decision to leave Ohio State to rehabilitate his groin injury to protect his future in the NFL. Bosa is the projected number one overall pick in this year’s draft. But, Barnhart said he has “no problems” with Bosa’s decision to leave. This concluded Barnhart’s interview on the Student Section.

Next our crew discussed the future of this year’s CFP. The question was asked if the teams in the top four are pretty much set? The answer is complicated. The top four have very strong chances to win out to solidify their spots, but nothing is set in stone. Notre Dame is a very shaky team who doesn’t have a conference championship to play for, so if they lose any games it’s over for the Irish. For the most part, the top spots will be claimed by the Big-10 champ, SEC champ, ACC champ, and the Big-12 champ/Notre Dame if they win out.

Lastly, they discussed about the upcoming college basketball season. As the SEC preseason rankings came out, our crew believed it was accurate except for LSU and that they should be ranked much higher. Also, the SEC could have a couple teams make a push for the Final Four this year, and Alabama could be this year’s “Dark Horse” with a young talented team. They discussed which conference is the best in college basketball, and across the board agreed the SEC has the most depth even though the ACC has the most historical prestige when it comes to basketball. To finish with some-what of a “hot take”, the crew projected that Duke would win it all this year on the back of the talented Zion Williamson.