–TUSCALOOSA, Ala – With the regular season soon coming to a close, and March
quickly approaching, let’s take a dive into Nate Oat’s third recruiting class. The Crimson
Tide currently have the third highest-ranked recruiting class in the country with an
average rating of 0.9602. If Nate Oats’s recruiting classes from the past have to say
anything, it’s that you should be excited for this upcoming one. The 2022 Crimson Tide
recruitment class definitely has the potential to be one of the best, if not the best,
recruiting classes in the history of this program. Without further ado…..
Here is your 2022 Alabama Men’s Basketball recruiting class:

SF Brandon Miller (Cane Ridge – Antioch, TN)

Ranked 11th Nationally, 3rd in his Position, 1st in State
Player Rating: 5/5 Stars (0.9952)
Height: 6’8
Weight: 200
Signed: 11-10-2021
Brandon Miller, the reigning Gatorade player of the year in Tennessee, stands at 6’8,
200 pounds. When taking a deep dive into Miller’s game, you can tell quite quickly that
he is one of those rare, do-it-all, kind of basketball prospects. Miller has big-time
athleticism with an elite frame to go along with top-notch body control. He can shoot the
ball consistently and efficiently both from inside and outside, has the ability to play
above the rim, and can run the floor when need be. A season ago he averaged 24
points per game, 8.5 rebounds, and 4 assists per game to help lead Cane Ridge to its
first-ever state championship game appearance. But don’t let those stats fool you,
Brandon is as unselfish of a leader as anyone in the country, he prides himself on being
an exceptional teammate. When you look at his film Miller tends to draw a double team
nearly every time he touches the ball, he enjoys when defenses key in on him because
the way he sees it the more teams focus on him, the more opportunities he has to
create plays for his teammates. He also has developed a great ability to finish around
the rim, and will only get better when he adds more muscle to his frame. He has some
work to do on the defensive side of the ball, but he is already an established shot
blocker and can guard all five positions. Miller certainly has a great amount of potential,
the key for him is just bulking up then using that to his advantage.

PG Jaden Bradley (IMG Academy – Bradenton, FL)

Ranked 17th Nationally, 1st in his Position, 5th in State
Player Rating: 5/5 Stars (0.9926)
Height: 6’3
Weight: 185
Signed: 11-10-2021
The absolute most ideal player to pair with Brandon Miller. When you think of the
traditional point guard, and how they should play, you’re thinking of Jaden Bradley.
Jaden has the build of a strong and balanced guard, standing at 6’3 and 185 pounds.
He isn’t an elite athlete by any means, but he possesses many other elite qualities.
When looking at Jaden, his leadership jumps off the charts, he is an absolute menace
defensively and has excellent speed for the point guard position. When looking at it as a
prospect Bradley compares to a quicker version of Chris Paul. Bradley, just like Chris
Paul, is elite at knocking down mid-range jumpers and weaving through traffic, and
finding his way to the rim. Bradley’s three-pointer isn’t as knockdown as his mid-range,
but it is enough to keep opposing defenders honest. For his age Bradley’s ball-handling
skills are much better than the competition around him, he possesses the ability to finish
consistently with both hands. Jaden is stout defensively, he can see the court very well
and has an exceptional ability to read offenses. If Bradley can become consistent from
beyond the arc, he is going to become a nightmare beside Brandon Miller.

SG Rylan Griffen (Richardson High School – Richardson, TX)

Ranked 49th Nationally, 3rd in his Position, 6th in State
Player Rating: 4/5 Stars (0.9794)
Height: 6’5
Weight: 180
Signed: 11-10-2021
Rylan Griffen was born to get buckets. To put it simply, Griffen just knows how to put the
ball inside the hoop by any means necessary. When watching Rylan, you can quickly
tell that he possesses a special ability to score at all three phases of the game, but his
main source of production comes from within the paint. While Griffen is an exceptional
shooter for his age, he will need to become more consistent from both mid-range and
three. Sometimes, Griffen likes to try to force the tough shot and that can be a reason
hindering his shooting development. Before Griffen arrives in Tuscaloosa, he should be
focused on improving his shot selection to help him become more consistent. An elite

part of his game is his ability to score in transition. When watching basketball, there are
always those handfuls of players that are comparable to a freight train when running
down the court. Rylan Griffen is one of those guys. Like Brandon Miller, Griffen will have
to add some muscle in order to take his big step. Much like JD Davidson, Griffen will be
providing Tide fans with some showtime dunks.

PF Noah Clowney (Dorman –Roebuck, SC)

Ranked 58th Nationally, 10th in his Position, 1st in State
Player Rating: 4/5 Stars (0.9761)
Height: 6’9
Weight: 205
Signed: 11-10-2021
Noah Clowney standing at 6’9 is a big man who can both play center and power
forward. Just like the rest of the recruiting class, Clowney also falls into the same trend
of being aggressive around the rim. Whether it be finishing or fighting for a rebound,
Clowney always seems to find himself battling someone under the rim. Clowney also
has a high motor and will bring a lot of energy to next year’s Crimson Tide team. When
comparing Clowney to other big-men, Clowney has much better ball-handling skills
compared to the rest of them. His handles and shot should give him the opportunity to
size up other big men and make them win at the perimeter. Clowney isn’t exactly the
most consistent player when shooting from outside, but has the playmaking skills to
make up for it when his shot isn’t falling. Alabama fans will quickly get familiar with
Clowney’s go-to move, the jump right hooks, as he uses it quite a bit. Due to being
undersized he potentially can run into the issue of getting out-muscled, due to having
not the biggest frame. Clowney has the potential to become a very good player, it’s just
depending on if he can develop a shot and gain muscle.

PF Nick Pringle (Dodge City C.C. – Dodge-City, KS)

Ranked 3rd Nationally, 1st in his Position, 2nd in State (Junior College)
Player Rating: 3/5 Stars (0.8578)
Height: 6’9
Weight: 220
Signed: 11-10-2021
Nate Oats sure does love his JUCO players, and he found another one he is going to
absolutely love. Nick Pringle is the ideal kind of big man that Oats is looking to
implement into his offense. Oats likes his big-men to consistently score from post and

can dominate the glass, both are aspects Pringle is capable of. On the offensive side,
Pringle has exceptional scoring ability inside the paint whether it be in the post or driving
to the rim. It has yet to be seen if Nick has a consistent jumper but if he develops one,
he can be on the fast track for the league. Pringle for his size has a great vertical which
he uses to his advantage to out-rebound his opponents. Nick can be one of the most
valued additions of this recruitment class, solely due to his rebounding ability. As
Crimson Tide fans have seen this past year, Alabama has a nagging issue of
rebounding the ball. Pringle, if given the minutes, can be a big factor in getting
second-chance points also. Nick isn’t necessarily better at rebounding on one end
rather than the other, but there are times when he just dominate the offensive glass. If
Pringle can work on developing a jump shot and become lighter on his feet on defense,
he should be able to develop into an exceptional player.

Overall Thoughts:
I really like the direction that Nate Oats is bringing this program in terms of performance
and recruitment. Personally, I really like the qualities of the players that the Alabama
staff have been going for. All five of these guys are leaders of their own teams, none
afraid to step up in the heat of the moment. Leadership is something this Alabama team
needs desperately, and that’s exactly what they are bringing in next year with these
guys. On paper, this looks to be Alabama’s greatest recruiting class of recent memory,
and they definitely have the potential to do so.

Tide fans I hope you are smiling, the future is as bright as ever in Tuscaloosa.