TUSCALOOSA, Ala – Alabama softball suffered a major loss, with an 11-3 mercy rule loss in five innings against the University of Missouri today.

The Story of the Loss

The team started off with a 3-0 start, with an Ally Shipman homer in the 1st, then an Ashley Prange 2-run home run in the 3rd gave the team a large lead heading into the bottom of the 3rd inning. That, however, is when the wheels fall off for the Tide.

Five runs were scored alone in the bottom of the 3rd, with Jaala Torennce being brought in with 2 outs to try and stop the bleeding that had been occurring throughout the whole inning. That however was not enough to save the game. In the fourth, the Tigers would score two more runs, then in the fifth and final inning, they would score four more runs to wrap up the series early for the weekend.

The Stats

Alex Salter started for Bama, playing for 2.2 innings, with five earned hits and runs. Torrence was used as a replacement for 1.1 innings, with 3 earned hits, and 5 earned runs. Lauren Esman was then used for 0.1 innings with 2 hits and the last earned run.

Fielding was also not the best for the Tide, with 2 errors earned in the 5 innings of play. Kenleigh Calahan and Kristen White were awarded the errors.

The team did win the weekend series against Missouri, with the Tide winning the first two games of the series. However, this mercy rule loss can be seen as a huge disappointment for the number thirteen ranked Bama team.

The Tide next plays on Thursday in Tuscaloosa against South Carolina at home. First pitch is at 6 PM.