*Note: this is an editorial*

By: Garrett Franks

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.– For the first time in 16 years, the Tide have fallen to their bitter rivals up north.

How did we get here? Aren’t these the type of games Alabama usually wins?

This was a game many Alabama fans saw coming. After a sloppy yet gritty win against Texas A&M, Alabama still suffered from many of the same woes tonight as they did last week.

Poor special teams play, really bad penalties, and the inability to create pressure is what did it for the Tide.

If it wasn’t for the heroics of Bryce Young and Jamyr Gibbs in the second quarter it could have gotten really ugly.

Where could the main culprit of tonight’s loss come from?


Alabama broke their school record with penalties in a single game totaling 17 for 130 yards. Eight of those penalties came in the first quarter. Whether it was holding or false start, if it’s illegal to do, bama did it.

None more costly than the pass interference called on Malachi Moore during Tennessee’s second to last drive. That same play, Kool-Aid McKinstry caught what probably would’ve been a game ending INT.

Alabama has always prided itself on discipline and control. I didn’t see that tonight from the Crimson Tide. I saw the same thing that usually you see from teams that lose to Alabama.

Alabama is at a cross roads right now. They could easily fault to a few more losses or they can figure it out and become the championship contender many knew them as back in August.

The road for Alabama doesn’t get easier as they welcome in a top-20 team in Mississippi State. It was last year where Alabama exacted it’s revenge on State after a tough loss.

Can this team bounce back like many Alabama teams before? Or will it spiral out of control?