April 13: No. 45 Alabama men’s tennis falls to Florida, 7-0, on the road

The Florida Gator’s snagged the doubles point by defeating Roberto/Kaukovalta, 7-5, and No. 51 Osama/Ortiz, 6-2.

Florida continued to dominate in singles play, winning all 6 singles matches for a final score of 7-0. Cancel fell to No.47 Crawford, Kaukovalta fell to No.12 Perez, Osama fell to No. 23 Ingildson, Ortiz fell to Perez-Blanco, Roberto fell to Vale and Nesterov fell to Andrade.

April 15: No.45 Alabama and No.27 suspended due to weather at match tied 3-3


The only match left to be played is between Riccardo Roberto and Harrison O’Keefe, who is currently leading, 6-7 (4-7), 6-3, 4-2. The match will resume Mon. April 16 at 10:30 a.m. CT.

In doubles play, Alabama started off strong with a victory from No. 51 Mazen/Ortiz over Gamecock No.49-ranked duo Dennis/O’Keefe, 6-2. However, The Gamecocks dropped cancel/Nesterov and Zhou/Kaukovalta, 6-3, taking a 1-0 lead.

USC went up 2-0 with a win from No. 61 Paul Jubb over Patrick Kaukovalta, 6-0, 6-2. Crimson Tide’s Zhe Zhou answered by defeating Wood Benton, 6-2, 6-4, but Alexey Nesterov fell to USC’s Yancy Dennis giving the Gamecocks a 3-1 lead.

Alabama tied the match with two-straight wins. No. 26 Osama defeated No.32 Gabriel Friedrich, his sixth win over a nationally ranked opponent, and Ortiz came from behind to drop Thomas Mayronne for the tie.



April 13: Alabama women’s tennis falls at home to LSU, 4-3

Doubles play between LSU and Alabama went back and forth. It started with a win for LSU’s Foster/Johnson over Hinton/Cortina-Pou, 6-3. Then, Alabama duo Fabian/Gintrand dropped Rabalasi/Vasilyuk, 6-3. LSU snagged the doubles point after #41 Golovin/Richardson defeated Selim/Daniell, 7-5.

Alabama started off singles play with victories from both Kylie Moulin and Alba Cortina-Pou over Ashton Rabalais and Luba Vasilyuk respectively. These victories gave the Tide a 2-1 lead. LSU’s #116 Eden Richardson defeated Smith Hinton before UA’s #104 Andie Daniell defeated #85 Ryann Foster. The match came down to #71 Jessica Golovin and Jacqueline Pelleier. A victory from Golovin gave LSU the match.


April 15: Alabama women’s tennis wraps up regular season by upsetting No. 32Texas A&M, 4-3.


In doubles play, UA’s duos of Daniell/Selim and Fabian/Pelletier fell to No.65 Paalma/Gonzalez and McQuaid/Ivascu respectively. Hinton/Cortina-Pou defeated  Olivares/Makarova, but it wasn’t enough to win the doubles point.

TAMU took the first singles point with a victory from No. 93 Macarena Olivares over Hinton, 6-1, 6-3. The Tide tied the match 2-2 after Daniell and Moulin both defeated their Aggie opponents. TAMU took the lead with a victory over Jacquiline Pelletier, but the Tide wasn’t finished yet. Selim came from behind to beat Riley McQuaid, 7-5, 7-5. Cortina-Pou gave the Tide the win they needed to snag the match and upset No. 32 Texas A&M.


Alabama women’s tennis finished the regular season 15-14 overall  2-11 mark in SEC play.