TUSCALOOSA, Ala – Alabama snuck by South Carolina to open their weekend series in a 9-inning game, with the Crimson Tide winning 2-1.

Fans were treated to a pitchers battle between the Crimson Tide and the Gamecocks. Both teams’ pitchers went into the circle and hold each other to a low-scoring game that was only broken by Alabama in the ninth.

A pitching battle

Montana Fouts put on a show for the Tide, staying in for all X innings, even staying in after taking a ball to the face in the 5th inning. Fouts threw 152 pitches and only allowed x hits.

South Carolina’s Leah Powell should be commended also, only allowing three hits, and 1 run during her time out. She threw for 66 pitches, and played for 3.2 innings. Karsen Ochs was then brought in for the Gamecocks after Powell and went for 4.2 innings.

Slow night means a slow offense

Alabama’s offense was slow throughout the game, only earning 7 hits, attempting to grind out runs throughout the game. Kenleigh Cahalan and Jenna Johnson both had the most hits for Alabama, with each having two hits.

While the Gamecocks were not a hitting team only earning 3 hits, they still managed to keep Alabama fielding on their toes through the whole game.

Fans, Coach Murphy, and umpires also had their differences throughout the game, with Coach Murphy and home plate ump Cameron Ellison having multiple conversations away from the plate and the dugout. One of these big disagreements was during the 8th inning, when Gamecocks player Riley Blampied was thought to be tagged out at home. This was reviewed and it was decided that Blampied wasn’t, and it was clear Murphy was not happy with the decision.

Kenleigh Cahalan brought the game to the end in the bottom of the ninth with a single to bring in Larissa Preuitt from 2nd to walk off the game.

The next game for the Tide is on Friday night against South Carolina at 6 PM.