The Crimson Tide take their offensive juggernaut to Fayetteville to take on an underachieving
Arkansas Razorbacks team. The Hogs started off with a tough loss to a Texas A&M team who
have started to flex their muscles against big opponents through the first couple games. Since
that loss it has been a free fall as they dealt with losses from lackluster opponents.

The Tide led by phenom quarterback Tua Tagovailoa have faced teams with similar struggles so
far and to say they commanded those games would be an understatement. Tua has been surgical,
not only with his targets, but also with his reads down the field studying the defense and finding
the soft spots. For example, the Tide QB duo between Hurts and Tua have combined for 20
touchdowns and only one turnover thru the air. This is something we have not seen from Jalen
Hurts his entire career, though we also have not seen a multi-dimensional player like Tagovailoa
in an Alabama offense, maybe ever.

To say this is a potential “trap game” may be a bit over zealous but shouldn’t be ignored. While
the Tide have handled the Razorbacks soundly over the past couple seasons, those matchups
have not been the stereotypical games that Saban has kept the opponent out of the game for four
quarters. The last time the Crimson Tide traveled to Fayetteville they were victorious 49-30. The
score however was not indicative of how the game went, Arkansas had an explosive offense,
especially out of the back field which kept the hogs in the game.

The only possible disadvantage the Tide will face is a groggy 11 am kickoff, but if we know
anything about Coach Saban he will have the team in championship form. The tide will dominate
offensively as the Razorbacks consistently look disoriented in the secondary which is scary for
Roazorbacks head coach Chad Morris as he prepares his team to face the most dynamic offense
the SEC has seen in decades. Looking more and more like tough mudding for the hogs come

Defensive Keys to tying up the hogs- Eliminate the run game early and force them to pass. This
will give our secondary multiple golden opportunities to make plays.
Offensive Keys- Establish the run game early and often. This will lead to play-action
opportunities to get guys like Jaylen Waddle, Devonta Smith, and Jerry Jeudy time to get
themselves isolated in coverage and let Tua Tagovailoa do what he does best, pick apart

(Photo courtesy of Hannah Saad and The Crimson White)