On the Wednesday edition of the Student Section, Rachel Baribeau sat down with hosts Gray Robertson, James Ranieri, and Mike Jones to talk about what’s going on in the world of college football. Rachel Baribeau is a woman of many talents in the sports broadcasting community, she is an on-air reporter, radio talkshow host, and a Heisman voter amongst many other things.

While she was on the show last night, we asked her what it was like during the mock CFP selection process. She went into detail about how teams are selected and the criteria of which the committee selects by, saying, “Selections are all about what you’re doing now, not last year, or the year before but NOW.” Rachel continued by telling us how if any one of the members of the committee has any relation to a school during the selection process, they are immediate recused to make sure absolutely no bias comes into play. Lastly, while talking about the CFP race she disclosed a couple of other interesting facts. She said, “Group of 5 teams have a very slim chance because of strength of schedule,” and “Notre Dame has to win out to have any chance.”

She also talked about the real stars of college football, the Alabama Crimson Tide. We asked, “How do you feel about Alabama’s defense following the Arkansas game?” as she laughed she replied with, “I am not worried at all, Coach Saban has all four aspects of the game figured out: offense, defense, special teams, and mind. He figures out how to rally his teams and to move on quickly.” Then moved on to talk about Auburn and how their team is lacking identity and an offensive line.

To wrap the interview up, her and our hosts talked about her organization “Changing the Narrative”. This organization is about teaching men and women collegian athletes to find their purpose, treat women with respect, and to be not only a good teammate, but a good person. Her activism has been to hundreds of colleges nationwide to help spread awareness and to fight for social equivalency among men and women.

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