Consensus top 100 recruit Jaden Shackelford committed to play basketball at the University of Alabama on September 29.

During his official visit, the 14th ranked guard in the class of 2019 made a hard commitment to play for coach Avery Johnson.

“We never looked at the name of the university,” Anthony Shackelford, Jaden’s father, said, “We looked at the man behind the program.”

For Shackelford, coach Johnson’s integrity and NBA experience were key factors in his decision making process. Johnson spent 16 seasons in the NBA as a player, and 8 more on the sidelines coaching.

Shackelford’s father gave a glimpse into the world of college basketball recruiting, describing it as, “hectic.”

“The recruitment process is overwhelming at times, you’re hearing from so many different colleges and you don’t know who’s selling you fact or fiction.” said Shackelford’s father.

Assistant coach Antoine Pettway led the Crimson Tide’s pursuit of Shackelford and his father used just one word to describe him, “phenomenal.” Pettway has been in constant contact with the Shackelford family since the beginning of the recruitment process, calling the family every day to talk about his impending decision.

Shackelford is a 6’3 shooting guard who can score from every level. He has continued to develop his 3 point shot and is considered a prolific scorer by scouts. But, Hesperia High School’s head coach Robert Tossetti says Shackelford’s greatest quality is his leadership.

“He’s a tremendous leader, he’s got the personality and approach, he’s an intelligent kid, his mom and dad have done an incredible job raising him,” said Tossetti.

Shackelford has been working hard through the off season to improve his defensive skills and his coach plans to use him on the oppositions best player, regardless of position. Both his father and coach believe that Shackelford’s defense has been underrated by scouts.

Shackelford will join the program in the summer of 2019, as he prepares for his freshman season with the Crimson Tide.

(Photo courtesy of Anthony Shackelford)