After a dramatic college basketball season full of scandal, egos and federal investigation, 11th seed Loyola Chicago is proving that it’s not about your name, your programs history or even your paycheck. The Ramblers know it’s about heart, hard work and having a little faith. Maybe they’re lucky… or even a little blessed… but lets be honest, no matter how far Loyola Chicago ends up going, Sister Jean is the real Cinderella of this years March Madness tournament.

Jean Dolores Schmidt is 98 years old, the chaplain of the Ramblers basketball team and now… a household name. Before games, Sister Jean leads the team in an invocation that’s part pep talk and part prayer… perhaps the only nun that adds scouting reports and referees to prayer.

Sister Jean is taking the basketball community by storm with her sense of humor, heart and 98 year old smile. I just hope that when I’m 98, I love something as much as Sister Jean loves being a Loyola Chicago Rambler.