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Last Friday, the Ray Guy Award named its 10 semifinalist for the honor of the best college football punter in the nation. There were some familiar names, such as Florida’s Johnny Townsend and Ohio State’s Cameron Johnston, but one name was missing. Alabama’s JK Scott was not included. has Scott’s punt average at 48.4 yard per punt. That average ranks second in the nation. The rest of the top five in punting average all landed on the list. That brings up the question again: Why is Scott not on the list?

“His average, his consistency this year, his hang-time… I think we’re in the top one, two or three in punt, net punt and all that in our conference, which speaks highly for the job that he’s done,” coach Nick Saban said. “I have respect for all these people who make these decisions, but in my opinion, I think he’s one of the best punters in the country and certainly one of the most valuable guys on our team.”

Whether or not he is not on the list, Saban and tight end Hale Hentges both agree that Scott has made an impact on the team. Awards mean a lot to some, but the championship trophy means more.

“Obviously he’s a very deserving punter. I mean, I think he’s the most deserving punter in the country,” Hentges said. “Even if he might not get an award, what he means to our team you cant put a price on.”

Other quotes from Wednesday’s media availability:

Rashaan Evans on the biggest difference in this year’s offense:

“To be honest with you, Lane Kiffin and his schemes and stuff. He’s opened the offense up a lot. He’s gotten guys like ArDarius Stewart and Calvin Ridley the ball. It’s always helped with guys like us on the defense to be able to face guys like that and to be able to go through practice and see the same things a good offense will show you.”

Saban on home post-game traditions:

“Well, I go shake hands with every player on the team and every coach, then I go to a press conference and visit with my favorite family of people that I look forward to meeting every week. Then I do a radio show and then I do a TV show. Then I go in the recruiting room and shake hands with all the recruits. By the time I get home, all the company has pretty much settled in and I’m lucky if I can get something to eat.

“I don’t know what would happen if we lost. I mean, Hell’s Bells.”

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