By (Matthew Speakman)

The Alabama football team had its final practice of the spring season on Thursday, preparing for the team’s A-Day game on Saturday. The team went away from full pads, and only practiced in jerseys, shorts and helmets while doing drills.

Athletic Director Bill Battle was seen watching practice from the balcony of his office, which hangs over the practice field.


Cornerbacks worked on contact at the line of scrimmage. Teammates would lineup opposite each other, and hit immediately when told to. This is to help the corners jam wide receivers when the ball is snapped.Defensive lineman did numerous drills during the viewing period. The unit started out with a simple drill that involved getting off the line quickly, but transitioned into changing direction and lateral movement.Tight Ends worked on catching short routes behind the line of scrimmage. The players would start out in a blocking stance then slip out to either side to catch a short pass from a coach.The inside linebackers worked with defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt on anything from lateral agility to changing direction when covering a wide receiver. The outside linebackers worked on jumping over small hurdles and getting around blockers.The quarterbacks worked with the wide receivers for the entire viewing period, polishing all types of routes before they hit the field on saturday. …read more

Source:: The Crimson White Sports