By (Matthew Speakman)

Alabama football returned to practice in full pads and helmets on Monday. The team is starting to get into the rhythm of spring practice as it completed its fifth practice of the spring season.

Former Alabama defensive lineman A’Shawn Robinson was seen watching his former teammates work on defensive line drills.


Tight ends, such as O.J. Howard, worked on blocking for most of the viewing period. The players would burst off the line and hit pads being held by teammates.For the first portion of the viewing period, the quarterbacks worked on chemistry with running backs. Players like Jalen Hurts worked on handoffs and throwing to running backs out of the back field. Then the quarterbacks transitioned to throwing routes with the wide receivers.After working with the quarterbacks, the running backs transitioned to reacting to potential tacklers quickly. The players would get the ball and immediately have to make a move to get around a coach holding a pad.The wide receivers, such as Robert Foster, worked mostly on short, comeback routes with coaches throwing passes to them. The group then worked on deeper routes with the quarterbacks.The defensive line spent most of the time practicing on strength when coming off of the line. The players would hit teammates holding pads, and attempt to throw them out of the way.The secondary worked on physicality during most of the viewing period. The players would side step, making contact with teammates trying to knock the other player to the ground. …read more

Source:: The Crimson White Sports