Former Alabama quarterback Andrew Zow broke school records for total offensive yards, passing yards and completions in his years at the Capstone. / Bryant Museum

GameDay: How were you recruited to the Crimson Tide?
Andrew Zow: Well, it was a good recruiting process with Coach [Gene] Stallings talking to me during my senior season. Coach [Mike] Dubose started talking to me, and after I tore my ACL he kept talking to me telling me to keep my head up. He became humble and he got to know my family well. He was great.

GD: What was one team you looked forward to playing most.
AZ: Florida. I know that is strange, but being from Florida I got to play all the guys I played with or against in high school, and it was even better if we would beat them because all my family and friends were Florida fans. But, I also loved playing Tennessee. I could never stand that Orange color. It was just gross.

GD: What are your thoughts on the Tennessee rivalry?
AZ: I never liked Tennessee. Our team never did. I was never able to beat Tennessee and it is why today I cannot stand that rocky top song or that orange color. In 1999, we messed up versus Louisiana Tech by one point and than we faced a ranked Tennessee at home and we lost. Those were our only two losses that season. But that game, that rivalry, has so much history. The games are always close and the fans love it. It is a reason the SEC is so great. But I strongly dislike Tennessee.

GD: You have multiple records at Alabama. Do you ever see how close Greg McElroy is coming to breaking one of your records?
AZ: No. Not at all. Those records are great and they are made to be broken. Greg, and this goes for everyone else with records, the players now are faster, better, bigger and stronger. Greg is a great QB. He has done a great job. At least my name gets brought up when he gets close to breaking them.

GD: Rumor has it you decided to go home for your first Auburn game. Is this true?
AZ: I guess it’s been long enough to stop hiding it. [laughs] It is true. I was a freshman and I wanted to go home. I had no idea what that game meant. I did not know the impact of that game, and watching it in my living room at home made me realize what the impact was. I don’t care what anyone says, Auburn versus Alabama is the biggest rivalry game there is. I know everyone thinks their school is, but the Iron Bowl is the best and biggest. Look at the potential outcome for this year’s Iron Bowl. Two top ranked teams, the winner goes to the SEC Championship. But in total, sorry Bama fans, I skipped the Iron Bowl. But I knew I wasn’t going to play.