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The Crimson Tide men’s golf team rejuvenation started back in 2002 with the hire of Coach Jay Seawell. Now after two NCAA championships and 28 All-Americans, the team is continuing to play strong.

Seawell’s previous coaching experience came from Augusta State University. Former athletic director Mal Moore played a big role in the recruitment of Seawell.

“I didn’t think I wanted to leave [Augusta State] until I had a conversation with coach Moore and visited the campus,” Seawell said. “My time with coach Moore was so special that I thought that Alabama golf could become special. I’ve loved all 14 years I’ve been here.”

Coach Seawell doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. He gave all credit to the players he’s coached for all of his successes- even the NCAA 2014 Coach of the year award.

“My favorite part will always be the players,” Seawell said. “To recruit them and watch them at such a young age, some we have been watching since they were 12 or 13. Then when they get here and watch how they grow from their freshman year till they leave here, is probably my favorite part of coaching. Winning [coach of the year] showed we had good players that year, who did things the right way. Anything I receive is a result of the hard work that young people do for me.”

Seawell has the complete trust from his players. He makes sure to keep the atmosphere light, while making sure the team accomplishes what needs to be done.

“It’s been awesome with him,” sophomore Jonathan Hardy said. “He keeps the energy high and the confidence in all of us really high. He makes us feel good going into [tournaments]. He helps us with what we need to work on, which is big. He’s a lot of help.”

Seawell said he believes that the atmosphere of the school really does play a big part in the team’s ability to succeed.

“The university has a heart and soul, unlike any that I have been around,” Seawell said. “I think it goes through all of our teams, and also with the students. It’s my job to present and show what that heart and soul is of Alabama. I really do think it’s the best being the best, and in an atmosphere that gives the best a chance to be the best.”

Seawell and the Crimson Tide men’s golf team is set to take on the Mason Rudolph Championship tournament on Saturday.

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports