By (Tyler Waldrep)

It’s time for Alabama to hop in a DeLorean (or twenty) and return to the future.

Alabama got to play physical run heavy teams the past two weeks, and the Crimson Tide had a lot of success in both of those games. Factoring in Wisconsin Alabama has is holding “run-heavy” teams to only 92 yards a game.

Arkansas was held to 44 yards rushing on Saturday, and the Razorbacks averaged less than two yards per carry.

“Our front has done a really good job,” coach Nick Saban said. “If you always have to add a guy in the box to stop the run it really puts you in a little more vulnerable coverage, which we’ve had to do less of that this year, which is a compliment to our front, and the more we can continue to do that the better we can play in nickel.”

On Saturday the Crimson Tide will take on No.9 Texas A&M. The Aggies offense plays the game in a more modern way than Georgia and Arkansas. Texas A&M typically plays much faster and spreads opponents out a lot more.

On Monday, Saban said Texas A&M had one of the best passing offenses in the country. Alabama’s nickel and dime packages will be tested by the Aggies’ receivers.

“The skill players they have are capable of beating you one-on-one,” Saban said. “They do a lot of things that are real challenges when it comes to big plays. If you make one mistake when you’re that spread out, you have a chance for a guy to catch it and run with it.”

Saban said last year’s 59-0 home shutout against Texas A&M was a crazy game. He said the Aggies’ offense because of the development of quarterback Kyle Allen and the addition of freshman receiver Christian Kirk.

“He lines up in the slot quite a bit, so you can’t really just put a guy on him,” Saban said. “He is very explosive, great run after the catch guy, very good out of the break, very quick, has good hands, great balance and body control.”

The defense will not be the only unit that is tested on Saturday. Former LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis has taken the same position at Texas A&M since the last time these two teams played. Saban said he thought the defense Alabama faces Saturday will be tougher than the one it played last year.

“I don’t think there’s any question about the fact that they have some good edge rushers,” Saban said. “If we don’t block the edges well, we’ll have some issues. I think the challenge is to our protection and the protection scheme that we present, to help our players have a chance to limit these guys being disruptive.”

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports