Steadman Shealy, quarterback of Alabama’s 1979 National Championship team, was also part of the team that held the Crimson Tide’s longest winning streak of 28 games from 1978-1980.

Before the Tide’s 2010 season started, Shealy sat down with a GameDay staff member to discuss some of his favorite memories that came from his years with the Alabama football team.

GameDay: You were part of the Alabama teams that currently hold the record for the longest winning streak. With an undefeated season this year, the Tide would be one win away from breaking it.
Steadman Shealy: I hope [they break it] (laughs). When it comes to Alabama, I am so hopeful for the team. If they break the record, it means the program is getting better, and the coaches and players have done a great job. Coach Bryant instilled in us to be a winner and nothing else, and that has stuck with the program today.

GD: You said Coach Bryant instilled that into you. What is one thing from Coach Bryant that you apply to every day life?
SS: Always show and have class no matter the circumstance. You have to be a respectable person in a situation you may not be enjoying. He also taught us to do whatever it is that someone else isn’t doing. I am a lawyer now, and I outwork and outthink within reason to be the best lawyer you can be and also to be the best person, husband and father, too. That is something Coach taught me that I never forgot.

GD: What about your favorite memory with him?
SS: Well, some you can’t repeat to the public (laughs). Probably [the best] though is after my knee surgery, I missed the first week of practice. He stood up for me to get on the field and be apart of the ‘78 national championship team. He believed in me.

GD: How did Coach Bryant go about recruiting you?
SS: Well, it is a funny story. Coach Bafield of Auburn was in my living room and Coach Dooley of Georgia was outside waiting his turn. The phone rang and my mother picked it up and grabbed me. It was Coach Bryant. He said, “Son what jersey you wanna wear?” I told him crimson and he said, “Well, what’s your problem?” He told me if I signed with him right there he would come to Dothan and sign me himself, which is what happened.

GD: Other than winning the national championship, what was your greatest memory?
SS: Throwing the winning touchdown pass versus Auburn to finish our perfect season. It was such a relief. We were losing in the second half, about to lose our perfect season, and to Auburn! We marched down 82 yards in the fourth quarter and did what Coach Bryant taught us to do: win and throw touchdowns. I celebrated for the first time that entire season. Heck, we all celebrated after that. We were trained not to celebrate winning or scoring because it was our job to score; [Bryant] would have looked down on us for that.

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