Tide defense adjusts, beats Eagles

FOOTBALL Back-and-forth battle goes to Bama By Brett Hudson Senior Sports Reporter bbhudson@crimson.ua.edu @Brett_Hudson   TUSCALOOSA| Georgia Southern is likely the only team in the FCS that can play withAlabama, and the Eagles showed just that, coming toTuscaloosaand hanging with the Crimson Tide for a good amount of time, but eventually falling by a final score of 45-21. It was the game that many members of the fanbase expected in the first quarter, … [Read more...]

Tide offensive line constantly changing

For skilled players coming out of high school, the ability to play more than one position makes you a hot commodity. If you can throw a good 15-yard pass on one play then catch a pass on the next, college head coaches will be busting down your door with scholarship offers and promises of glory. But on the offensive line, that special talent is almost an expectation over a luxury. This trend is becoming so commonplace that many fans don’t even notice or care when their team makes a change … [Read more...]

The evolution of the pistol offense

By Brett Hudson Some of football’s biggest innovators include Emory Bellard, Red Hickey, Walter Camp and Amos Alonzo Stagg, for inventing the wishbone, shotgun, Power T and I-Form offenses, respectively. The glory may go to these coaches, but most recent of these innovators, Bellard, coached in the 1970s and 1980s, and Camp goes all the way back to the late 1800s. The glory of football’s most recent innovator should belong to Nevada head coach Chris Ault, the inventor of the Pistol … [Read more...]