One of the best college coaches of all time is taking on one of the best basketball players to ever step on a court. The University of Alabama coach is being accused of stealing James’ idea of players hanging out in a barbershop. Lebron’s multimedia company, Uninterrupted, sent a letter to the University citing copyright infringement.

In an interview, Saban said he has no plans of stopping and didn’t even know that LeBron had a similar series. LeBron fired back saying he won’t allow Saban or anyone for that matter to use his idea and get away with it.

Currently lawyers of Uninterrupted and the University are in talks of how to handle the situation.

I may be biased but I too have never seen or heard of LeBron’s series of barbershop talk show. While both are eerily similar in name, LeBron’s being “The Shop” and Alabama using “Shop Talk” there is a very slight chance that Alabama intentionally ripped off James’ show. Saban said there have to be at least 20 different barbershop type shows and didn’t even know LeBron had one.

Of all the things to be mad about this seems petty.