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Playing tennis in college was something that Sam Fischer and Grant Stuckey always wanted to do while growing up. They met at a United States Tennis Association Juniors tournament while they were still in high school and happened to be paired with each other.

They would’ve never imagined that they would playing together at the college level for the Crimson Tide, and So far this season the duo is 4-0 in double’s play.

“We won a lot of matches and made it pretty far when we played together in the Juniors’,” Fischer said. “It’s definitely showing here at Alabama, I feel so comfortable when I’m on the court with him and we both have the mentality that we can win every match we play.”

Fischer, a native of Tennessee, and Stuckey, a native of North Carolina, didn’t know that they would both be attending The University of Alabama when they signed their letter of intent. It was a great surprise to the both of them once they learned that their partner in the Junior’s tournament was going to be a college teammate.

The camaraderie between the freshman duo on the court can also be seen off the court as well. Fischer and Stuckey are roommates, and both are in the Honors College here at the University.

The pair try to be as energetic as possible when they step onto the court, hoping to motivate each other and their fellow teammates. Fischer may be the more energetic one as Stuckey was quick to add that Fischer loves to sing and jam out.

“I honestly have no idea how we don’t have any noise complaints in our residence hall,” Fischer said.

Alabama is undefeated so far this season, and coach George Husak has liked what he’s seen from his two freshman early on. He could tell that the two were determined to succeed when they came early during the summer.

“I think their progress all started this past summer when they came for summer school, that allowed them to train with our entire staff from the strength and conditioning coaches to our nutritionists,” Husak said. “With Grant, he’s a lefty and nobody really likes a lefty’s spin especially on the serves, and Sam is our workhouse. He can go all day, so I think both of them bring their own unique skills to the team.”

The Crimson Tide is set to host Virginia Tech Friday at 6 p.m.

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports