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When Alabama linebacker Shaun Dion Hamilton met Christian Kirk years ago when the two were in high school at a recruiting camp, he knew he was watching a star in the making. Fortunately for Hamilton, they were on the same team, so he wasn’t tasked with stopping the young speedster.

But now, four years later, Hamilton doesn’t have the pleasure of being a spectator to Kirk’s talents. Instead, on Saturday, he and the Crimson Tide defense get a shot at slowing down one of the nation’s most electrifying players.

“He’s deadly,” Hamilton said. “I met Christian Kirk at The Opening in high school, and he was still a junior in high school and he was one of our best players on the team. And ever since then I’ve been keeping up with him. He’s a real special talent, so we’re gonna have to do what we got to do to try and limit him.”

Ever since he stepped onto the college football scene two years ago, Kirk has amounted to must-see-TV every time he grabs the pigskin. The Texas A&M All-American wide receiver, punt returner and kick returner can do it all, but what he does best is keep defensive coordinators up at night.

“When the ball touches his hands, he’s just a playmaker.” Hamilton said. “I’m sure he’s going to be looking forward to making plays against us this weekend.”

The Scottsdale, Arizona native came to College Station as one of the most sought after recruits in the country. He yielded offers from schools all around the land, including one from Alabama.

Growing up just miles away from Kirk in Arizona, Alabama cornerback Levi Wallace, and about every other high school football player in the state, knew he was a special talent.

“I’ve seen a lot of him while he were growing up in high school,” Wallace said. “I think he’s a great player, very explosive. We just have to come prepared this week.”

His five career punt returns, one of which came against Alabama in 2015, are enough to scare you into thinking he can reach pay dirt every time he goes back to receive a kick. But when you add the fact he is also a 1,000 yard receiver, Kirk becomes borderline deadly.

Kirk has solidified himself as one of college football’s most bonafide playmakers. And on Saturday, he faces one of college football’s best defenses in the Alabama Crimson Tide

“They’ll try to get him the ball every play,” linebacker Keith Holcombe said. “He’s one of best athletes in the league and everybody knows that, so you have to make sure you know where he is on the field, and make sure you guarding him, and make sure you’re making tackles on him.”

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