By (Cody Estremera)

Alabama opened its season with a two hour practice on Monday. The practice was the first of Brad Bohanan’s career as head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Practice Notes:

Multiple players were sporting facial hair on the first day of practice. Last year players weren’t allowed to grow any. The most notable was Hunter Alexander, who sported the fullest beard on the team.
Kyle Kaufman was leading the catchers in catching drills. The main drill they performed were blocking breaking balls in the dirt.
While catchers were working on that drill, position players were working on dirt ball reads and jumps.
Pitchers worked PFP (pitchers fielding positon) drills and pick off moves to second.
Sam Finnerty was working with pitchers at the start of practice, then moved to the outfield, notably center field.
The infielders leading at their spots were Connor Short (third base), Chandler Avant (shortstop), Cobie Vance (second) and Cody Henry (first base). …read more

Source:: The Crimson White Sports