By (Cody Estremera)

Alabama head coach Greg Goff was relieved of duty on Wednesday afternoon, according to a report by Ben Jones and Aaron Suttles.

Goff informed 10 players that their scholarships would be reduced or revoked, which is a NCAA violation. NCAA bylaw states that “An institution may not set forth an athletically related condition (e.g., financial aid contingent upon specified performance or playing a specific position) that would permit the institution to reduce or cancel the student-athlete’s financial aid during the period of the award if the conditions are not satisfied.”

Athletic Director Greg Byrne said that the scholarships will not be reduced or revoked.

In his only season as head coach, Goff managed just a 19-34-1 record, and a 5-24-1 record in SEC play. The Crimson Tide was one of two teams not to make the SEC tournament. Goff signed a five-year deal back in June of 2016. He was set to make $450,000 annually.

For Alabama this means it will hire its third coach in as many years. Previous coach Mitch Gaspard left the school at the end of May 2016.

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports