By (Molly Catherine Walsh)

The Alabama Crimson Tide football team has experienced some changes to its team dynamic over the past few months. In addition to new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, staple players such as OJ Howard and Jonathan Allen said their goodbyes to Alabama and hello to the NFL.

Although changes can lead to chaos, they can also lead to new opportunities for some. In order to find success in the upcoming season, it is crucial that the Crimson Tide can adapt and utilize the resources at hand. Alabama wide receiver and defensive back Trevon Diggs has proven himself as one of those resources.

Last season, Diggs, the younger brother of Minnesota Vikings standout Stefon Diggs, followed in his brother’s footsteps by playing receiver his freshman year. Diggs then showed his versatility early on. He spent time playing safety before making the full-time switch to wide receiver, and also returned punts. As wide receiver, he caught 11 passes for 88 yards. He also racked up 130 yards in punt returns. This spring, Diggs has made a full time switch to another position: cornerback.

In Saturday’s scrimmage, his versatility was put to the test again when Minkah Fitzpatrick was moved from cornerback to safety and Diggs took his place at corner. Diggs has been working at corner all spring and as Alabama’s defense continues to shift, he continues to show natural ability at his new position. Defensive back Anthony Averett, who made a similar shift early in his career, has been impressed with how quickly Diggs has developed.

“I feel like he picked it up quicker than I did,” said Alabama defensive back Anthony Averett. “I was kind of similar to him, I played a lot of offense in high school and just transitioned to defense when I got here, so he’s definitely taken that (move) very quickly, taken to it very well.”

Alabama wide receiver Cam Sims has grown close to Diggs. Sims can see improvements in Diggs’ cornerback game, but that doesn’t mean Sims doesn’t do what he can to mess with his friend and teammate. Sims posted a picture on Instagram from Saturday’s scrimmage where Sims appears to catch a pass over Diggs. In reality, Sims did not catch the pass, but it got under Diggs’ skin just the same.

“I just wanted to make him mad and put it on Instagram,” Sims said.

His plan worked.

“He got mad at me,” Sims said.

When the two teammates are not pushing each other’s buttons on social media, they are working on the field to improve their game and make each other better.

Diggs impressed his team in Saturday’s scrimmage at the cornerback position. The 6’2″ sophomore’s athletic adaptability can be attributed to his height and speed.

“He’s developing into a real good corner,” said Alabama defensive back Hootie Jones. “I didn’t expect that when he first started playing corner, but he’s developed into a real good corner. He’s starting to play big boy football, for real.”

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports