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No. 12 Alabama was not able to get its offense going on Friday night, as it dropped a 3-2 contest on Friday night to No. 9 Washington. The loss dropped Alabama to 37-10.

Washington catapulted to a victory with a two-run home run in the top of the seventh inning by first baseman Kirstyn Thomas, off of starting pitcher Alexis Osorio.

“I think it was in the right location, but it could have been a better pitch movement wise,” Osorio said. “My goal the whole game was to get ahead of the batters. In the at bat with her, I wasn’t in the best count. Point proven that they are a great hitting team, so they are going to make the adjustments and capitalize on errors.”

Other than the pitch that resulted in the home run, Osorio felt she pitched a decent game, but thought there was room for improvement for herself.

“I think overall it was a decent performance,” Osorio said. “I think I could have made a few better pitches, but they are an awesome hitting team.”

Osorio pitched seven innings and allowed two earned runs on six hits. She struck out seven and walked just two.

Alabama’s offense struggled for the majority of the game. The Crimson Tide collected its first hit of the game in the fourth inning, as left fielder Gabby Callaway doubled to tie the game at 1.

Alabama head coach Patrick Murphy held Callaway up at third base on a single by right fielder Chandler Dare in the fourth, as he felt Callaway would have been thrown out at home. Callaway slipped trying to hit the brakes, but she was able to make it back to third safely.

“I like to think I am faster than I am,” Callaway said. “I was thinking I was scoring the whole time, but he [Murphy] was clearly not thinking that the whole time. So when I rounded he was like, ‘stay, stay, stay.’ I didn’t want to get thrown out at home if it wasn’t his idea.”

Alabama plated one run in the bottom of the seventh inning, but left a runner in scoring position to end the game when pinch hitter Marisa Runyon flew out.

Alabama had opportunities in the fourth, sixth and seventh after collecting some two-out hits. However, they were not able to capitalize and Murphy felt that could have been the difference in the ballgame.

“In a game like this, Washington just got the key hit,” Murphy said. “I think if we would have had one more person on base in the last inning, we could have won. Alexis [Osorio] threw a good game, but Washington is a good team.”

Alabama will look to bounce back on Saturday, as it faces Washington again with the game slated to start at 4 p.m.

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports