By (Molly Catherine Walsh)

Before she was the face of Alabama women’s basketball, Kristy Curry was surfing the Green Wave instead of The Crimson Tide. The Alabama women’s 
basketball head coach began her career as an assistant coach for at Tulane University 
in 1991.

“They certainly have our respect and our attention,” said head coach Kristy Curry. “As a coach I shouldn’t have to convince anyone of what a great program Tulane has. I started my career there and remember going six and 20 and eight and 24. I have a lot of respect for that 
program and that community there and what they’ve done for women’s basketball in south Louisiana. They certainly have my attention.”

Alabama (21-13) will face Tulane (18-14) on Thursday at 7 p.m in Coleman Coliseum for the third round of the the Women’s National Invitation Tournament (NIT). Alabama met Tulane last season and lost to a game–winning basket from Kolby Morgan. After that game, it seemed to be back to the drawing board for Alabama and changes were definitely made. This year, there are additions to the team, such as Ashley Knight, Jordan Lewis and Ashley Williams after she returned from an injury. Coach Curry explained why the team is more ready this year than it has ever been.

“We’re a lot deeper, we have more size and a better inside out presence on our team with balance than we’ve had and that’s what you want to build toward,” Curry said. “I think I’ve always been a coach that talks about what you do have and not what you don’t have and you don’t make excuses for whatever 
you’ve inherited.”

Tulane senior and seasoned point guard Leslie Vorpahl will face Alabama 
freshman Jordan Lewis while junior Kolby Morgan will have the entire team’s 
attention as she was the one to hit the game-winning basket in last year’s 
match up.

Although the additions and improvements to the team have been in the works, consistency was a constant battle for The Crimson Tide throughout the season. Consistency and energy has remained a concern for Alabama even when the team has the home field advantage. Junior Ashley Williams will continue to put her faith in the team’s confidence as the 
season continues to move forward.

“This is the most confident we have been this year, each game gets a little harder. I think going from conference and SEC tournament helped us build our 
confidence,” Williams said.

Regardless of the outcome of 
tomorrow’s game, Curry said she believes that the Alabama women’s basketball program is headed in the right direction, even after the lights go out on the current season.

“Even after we lose seven players this season, I know we’ll get better every year no matter what,” Curry said. “The 
pieces are in place for a really bright future here.”

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports