By (Michelle Fitzsimmons)

A team composed of girls from all over the country with different play styles and ways about themselves can lead to a group with a special bond. The University of Alabama’s Women’s Club lacrosse team is exactly that.

The team is a diverse group, consisting of girls from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Maryland, with a few players from California, Florida, Massachusetts and others areas. Only one player hails from the state of Alabama.

“I’m even an outlier being the only one from the midwest.” said club lacrosse president Jacquie Andreano.

The coaches, Jason and Sarah Sanderson, grew up in Virginia. They both joined the the United States Air Force after attending high school. Although they are now coaching at Alabama, they remained involved with the Air Force by playing benefit games for troops overseas in Iraq.

A team of athletes from all around the country can introduce players to new skill sets and further their knowledge on the field. Similar to different dialects in different areas, lacrosse has different styles of play. In the Northeast the game is very fast-paced and in the South it tends to be a bit slower.

It’s not just on the field where diversity becomes apparent. Off the field they have team bonding nights to make sure the athletes get to know each other and remain close. Alabama sophomore and midfielder Lauren Jones likes having girls from all over the country, because there are so many different personalities but they all mesh well together.

They have team dinners and movie nights, go bowling and even threw a fake wedding for the fun of it that made it onto the campus Snapchat story last weekend.

Some people choose Greek life to get involved and make friends while others choose sports. Andreano chose to follow her path with sports and she is glad that she did because the team has turned into her family.

“The best thing about this team is we all take care for each other, love each other and we’re all best friends… I know all those people will be in my wedding.” Andreano said.

Lacrosse is predominately played in the Northeast but the sport has expanded across the USA. Women from out-of-state who attend the University of Alabama were able to continue their passion.

Even though the University does not have a division level lacrosse team, they have a club team that has been the alternative for women wanting to pursue their love for lacrosse at the college level. The club has grown tremendously in the past few years.

“It’s still a big commitment, we travel a lot, our coaches expect a lot from us and we expect a lot of ourselves,” Jones said.

Even now, the team continues to grow. Alabama recently hired a strength and conditioning coach for the 2017 season. James Nobel runs them through 45-minute sessions during practice to keep them healthy and in shape for the season.

“James has been really cool and very helpful. It’s the little things that can make you much faster so we’re excited about having him.” Andreano said.

As the Women’s Club lacrosse team consists of girls from all over the country, they’ve managed to continue their passion and find a home away from home within each other.

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports