By (Molly Catherine Walsh)

They key to any great team is the ability to cherish moments of victory and recover from a loss as one unit. Alabama women’s basketball head coach Kristy Curry does not believe in looking back when it comes to games, because in her eyes, there is nothing to be gained from dwelling on the past. Curry prefers to view both losses and triumphs as lessons learned as the team moves forward.

“It’s learning from the experience, win or lose” said Curry of the Crimson Tide’s recent loss to Auburn. “We did not finish the game the way that we wanted to, there was a senior for Auburn who stepped up and made a lot of plays and our kids need to learn to do that.”

The Crimson Tide suffered a 66-55 decision to Auburn on Jan. 29, and if there is one thing Alabama is after, it’s redemption. Alabama has the team work down pat, but consistency is the name of the game and it is still something the team is looking to improve on.

Alabama was able to start strong against Auburn, and while they maintained their lead throughout the game, they fell to Auburn in the fourth period. The Alabama Crimson Tide (15-7,3-6) will face the Louisiana State University Lady Tigers (15-7, 4-4) this Sunday night in Baton Rouge, Lou.

“Less than 13 turnovers is always our game goal and they do a great job with their changing defenses in the full court. Chloe Jackson’s addition to the team had made them so much better on the floor.” Curry said. “Going in there we know we have to take care of the basketball, that’s a key statistic in every game.”

Alabama was able to enjoy a mental and physical break on Monday and Thursday during its bye week. On the days that the team did practice, the focus was on building physical and mental toughness in preparation to face LSU. If the Crimson Tide can beat LSU then they will be equals in SEC league wins this season, which is something Alabama strives for.

“It’s all about mental toughness, you just have to be make it through that second half.” said junior Ashley Williams.

The Lady Tigers will host the Crimson Tide at 3 pm at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports