By (Mike Schwartz)

Early in the season, Alabama was at crossroads sitting at 2-2 after dropping back-to-back matches. It was clear there were two directions the team could have gone and given the recent success, Alabama appears to be trending upwards. The Crimson Tide has now won three-straight match ups following the victory over the Clemson Tigers took improve their record to 5-2.

Given the close margin of victories for Alabama, it appears the lack of inexperience from this young team has not hindered their success. Instead, the experience has been a confidence builder for the team.

“The win against Purdue was extremely important for the team, it proved that if we focus on our job we can come out with a win. With every win our confidence grows so hopefully we can keep it going,” said Mazen Osama.

Before this past weekends match ups against the Texas Tech Raiders and the Clemson Tigers, Osama spoke to the importance of preparation for the upcoming match ups against great competition.

“We just need to keep working hard and if everyone focuses on their personal game we should be good to go this weekend,” Osama said.

With each match, Alabama looked more and more poised and it was evident the team had learned its lesson in the early going of the season. Alabama turned pain into motivation and earned back-to-back 4-3 victories over Purdue and Texas Tech. They then continued the hot streak by taking down a surging Clemson Tigers, 5-2 (Clemson won its first seven match ups of the year).

With a match that can be decided by a single play or point, any advantage that can be had should be pursued. An underrated factor in a match is the home-court advantage and Osama was keen on utilizing this advantage.

“Having the crowd behind us is definitely huge for us, getting that support from the crowd makes it harder for our opponents, makes it tougher for them to focus,” Osama said.

Alabama took advantage of their home-court advantage while could, but will now hit the road for the longest road trip of the season. The Crimson Tide will not return to play in front of the home crowd in Tuscaloosa until early March.

Up next for the Crimson Tide is a trip to Oklahoma where they will take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys on Friday night and the Oklahoma Sooners on the Sunday. As for Osama, there is only one thing on his mind.

“Keep our focus on the game and keep chugging along and we should be good,” said Osama.

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports