By (Tyler Waldrep)

Alabama did a lot of things worth applause in the Crimson Tide’s 30-12 Iron Bowl victory.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts set an Iron Bowl record with his efforts (despite tossing two interceptions in the process) and the defense held the Tigers under 200 yards of total offense, but the moment that might deserve the most applause occurred before the game even kicked off.

That was when walk-on running back Lawrence Erekosima’s mother surprised him by running onto the field to join the rest of his family just as he was being recognized on senior day.

“He [coach Nick Saban] was handing me the ball, and I was ready to take the picture and my mom just popped up,” Erekosima said.

When he recognized his mother he did a double take. She was supposed to be stationed in Kuwait, where she had been since February.

He was able to tell his mother that he loved her, but he soon- far too soon- found himself headed back to the locker room to join the rest of the team inside the locker room.

“I almost cried. I almost cried. I had to hold it in. I dropped one tear like Denzel,” Erekosima said.

He wasn’t the only one to get emotional.

“Lawrence is one of those guys that has done a phenomenal job here,” Saban said. “He’s had some ups and downs, been injured and came back, but for his mother to be able to come today, it almost made me cry.”

Saban said recognizing some of the guys, like Erekosima, that fans have probably never heard of before means a lot to him.

“All of the star players get a big ovation, they get to play they get accolades and they get nominated for awards,” Saban said. “A lot of the guys, they play their game on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday helping the rest of the players get ready for the game.”

When asked to compare the victory over Auburn with the surprise return of his mother Erekosima remained diplomatic and refused to say that one meant more than the other. He also reflected on his experience with the Crimson Tide.

“It’s great. I had the opportunity to walk-on at the University,” Erekosima said. “They’re a family and they brought my family.”

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports