By (Matthew Speakman)

Alabama at LSU

Well, it’s here. The game that is usually one of the biggest in college football every year. LSU has lost to Alabama five times in a row, and its fan base is so upset that they’ve stopped adding “eaux” at the end of words like they’re actually from France. Rumor has it that LSU has decided to take this game to the next level, and replace the field with a huge pot of Jambalaya to really create the Cajun feel. A night game in Death Valley? Is there really anything more intimidating? Yes, Reuben Foster. He is terrifying.

On one side, Alabama will try to stop Leonard Fournette for the second straight year. Fournette has been a firecracker since returning from injury, and could be quite the handful this year. This game will never be a shootout. It was one time in 2008, but for the most part it is going to be a lot of terrible offense.

This game always combines two incredible fan bases. One who the country sees as people with mullets riding four-wheelers into the stadium, and one who the country sees as sweaty French people who wake up drinking bourbon at 5 a.m. Regardless, both groups of fans are absolutely insane, and that makes it so wonderful.

Florida at Arkansas

You know, Arkansas really looked like a good team until Auburn treated them like that character got treated in The Walking Dead two weeks ago. Now, no one has any idea what to think of the Razorbacks and whether they are good or not. Here is my assessment: Stop telling Austin Allen he has an offensive line, because it gives him the impression that they are going to protect him. They do about as good of a job of protecting him as Rick did protecting that guy in The Walking Dead. He really gets hit about 100 times a game. Poor guy. Florida needs to win to make sure its SEC Title berth remains intact. If they even put like one middle-aged father on the defensive line, then they should be able to get at least three sacks. Just do that, bum rash three dads and Florida will win.

TCU at Baylor

Baylor was in the top 10 last week. Then, Baylor played a team that actually knows how to play football. Baylor’s schedule thus far has been made up of teams of aliens that look like they just landed on Earth and humans explained to them what football was five minutes before they had to play Baylor. I mean, good grief. Every team Baylor has played has been absolutely, positively terrible. Now, Baylor is hitting the “real teams” part of its schedule and it is 0 for 1. TCU on the other hand, has played a couple of formidable opponents, and has lost four games because of it. TCU’s defense is not very good. This game was the big match up of the Big 12 for the last couple of years, but now it looks like an episode of It is time to just disband the Big 12 and make them figure out where and who they are going to play, because right now, some of the teams would not make it to the Texas state title in high school football.

Georgia at Kentucky

Kentucky is second in the east. No, seriously, Kentucky is second in the east. Look it up. Isn’t that nuts? I mean, the Wildcats let Southern Miss score 50+ on its defense and now Kentucky is second in the east. What a time. Georgia has been below average, but that is to be expected with a lot of blue chip recruits on both sides of the ball. Oh wait, it’s not. The Bulldogs do have a new coach, so we can cut them some slack on this one. I think, since this game is going to be weirdly competitive, the SEC should up the ante and let both teams bring back one player from the past to play in this game. Georgia can have Todd Gurley, and Kentucky can bring back the greatest football player of all time, Jared Lorenzen. Good luck stopping 315 pounds of pure greatness and overwhelming athletic ability, Georgia. I would trust Lorenzen with my life. Just watching a guy that large ball so hard inspired me to do whatever I wanted in life.

Nebraska at Ohio State

This feels like a top ten game from the 90s. Nebraska lost its first game of the season last week, and Ohio State did that two weeks ago. Then, the Buckeyes struggled to beat the Northwestern Fighting Journalists at home. So it has been a rough couple of weeks for both the corn guys and the nuts. No matter what happens in this game, you will still be able to log onto Twitter at any time and find an angry Ohio State fan arguing for their team’s right to be in the playoff. Those guys never give up. They could lose to Furman, and someone with the name “OHIOSTATEBUCKEYE#1FAN” would still be trying to discredit every win that Michigan and Alabama have.

Ohio State is lucky that they get the corn guys at home, because Nebraska is a perfect 5-0 at home this season. It still cracks me up to this day that an entire state grows so much corn that it became the name of its football team. What if every state had to name its major university after what they’re known for? The Florida It Will Still Rain Even If It’s Sunny-s. The Texas “Trust Me Everything Is Way Better Here Even Though It’s Exactly The Same”-s. Two is enough examples.

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