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It only took the University of Alabama football team two takes to complete its mannequin challenge video, which the Crimson Tide filmed and posted Monday after practice.

The first one was erased because the camera caught somebody in the background peeking his head around a corner, but the team was happy with the second one and called it quits after that.

“It was fun,” defensive lineman Dalvin Tomlinson said. “We all talked about doing it. We did it [Monday] just to have a little fun.”

Alabama returned to practice for the first time Monday since shutting out LSU, 10-0, on the road.

Here is the Crimson Tide’s mannequin challenge, a current social media fad:

Shout out to @rkspain for Alabama Football’s #mannequinchallenge and for the #purge video.

— Reuben Foster (@reubenfoster_FG) November 8, 2016

Note that multiple players, such as quarterback Jalen Hurts, appear more than once throughout the video, but in different positions. Holding still was enough of a challenge alone considering some of the players’ poses, but moving around without getting caught added a whole new level of difficulty.

“It was tough the first time simply because you didn’t know where the camera was,” Tomlinson said. “You’d have to sneak around the locker room stealthily and stuff like that.”

There were a lot of people squeeze into the locker room, and how each player positioned himself was an in-the-moment decision.

Overall, Tomlinson estimated that the video took 15 to 20 minutes to make. For just five seconds of that, wide receiver Calvin Ridley was held in the air up against the wall by two teammates. Ridley is 6-foot-1 and 188 pounds, too.

“It was just some fun thing that we all wanted to do after practice,” defensive back Ronnie Harrison said. “But we just try to stay focused on Mississippi State and have good practices before then.”

Watch the interviews yourself:

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