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Linebacker Rashaan Evans would love for the University of Alabama to have its own elephant as a live mascot.

The real-life Big Al could even lead the team onto the field at Bryant-Denny Stadium. It could be the start of a new, epic entrance before each game.

“I would ride it,” Evans said, “but Coach Saban probably wouldn’t even let that happen. That’s just a dream.”

Although they all don’t physically ride them, some schools already have live mascots. They span the entire animal spectrum, too.

Some live mascots include:
Georgia’s bulldog
Tennessee’s bluetick coonhound
Colorado’s buffalo
LSU’s tiger
Oklahoma’s white Welsha ponies
Colorado State’s ram
N.C. State’s husky
Baylor’s bears
Auburn’s eagle
North Alabama’s lions

When asked which live mascot was his favorite, Evans thought it was too hard of a question. He couldn’t pick just one, especially since Alabama doesn’t have an elephant.

“I kind of actually like all the mascots,” Evans said. “They all got their own little personalities to them.”

Also, if there were some form of Olympics for the animals, Evans would be all for it.

“I really wish they’d kind of have a like a little mascot event where they try their little activities and we can see who the best is,” he said.

Until then, Evans will have to settle with seeing them one at a time for games.

In fact, there will be an opportunity to do so this weekend, as Alabama heads to Tennessee for its Week 6 matchup. Evans won’t seek the pup out, but if he sees Smokey, he’d like to pet him.

“He might bite me, though,” Evans said.

It’s possible. Georgia’s Uga V bit an Auburn football player back in 1996.

There are still other SEC foes with live mascots for Evans to meet, but he may miss the opportunity with LSU’s tiger.

After four months of battling cancer, Mike VI was humanely euthanized on Tuesday. He died at the age of 11. LSU has begun its search for the next Mike — there will be another.

Will Evans’ dream of bring Big Al to life ever come true, though?

Watch Evans talk about live mascots below:

Linebacker Rashaan Evans thinks Alabama should get a live elephant for a mascot. He’d ride it into the stadium.

— Terrin Waack (@terrinvictoria) October 11, 2016

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