By (Matthew Speakman)

Alabama returned to practice after saturday’s second scrimmage to prepare for this week’s A-Day game. Practice went as schedule, as the players ran through many different drills.

Coach Nick Saban was very involved in the defensive side of things, getting up into player’s faces and making sure they knew how to do their job. He did not spare anyone if they happened to do the drill in the a different way than he wanted.


Former Alabama stars Bobby Humphrey and Jesse Williams were present at practice, watching the team go through different drills.The tight ends started of the viewing period by hitting dummies and sleds to work on their strength and bocking skill. They then worked on running routes with obstructions in the way. The players had to duck under bars and run around stationary dummies before catching a pass.The cornerbacks worked closely with Saban to start the period, working on changing direction and initiating contact at the beginning of plays.The linebackers and secondary congregated about midway through the viewing period to work on coverage skills as well as where to go when the ball is snapped. Players like Ryan Anderson had to know their assignments and stick to them as coaches simulated plays.Safeties worked on changing direction and playing the ball while it was in the air. Players such as Eddie Jackson had to back pedal and find the ball when it was thrown to intercept it.Quarterbacks worked the running backs at the beginning of the period, throwing passes to them and also running hand offs. Then, the wide receivers came over and ran routes with players like Cooper Bateman. …read more

Source:: The Crimson White Sports