By (Elliott Propes)

A hot South Alabama baseball team came to Sewell-Thomas Stadium Wednesday night to play the Crimson Tide. The Jaguars’ offense was able
to score eight runs in an 8-2 victory for their 13th win in the past 17 games.
Alabama fell to 23-15 on the season.

“They’re a good team. They’ve played extremely well. I think
they’ve won 15 in a row in conference before this past weekend,” Alabama coach
Mitch Gaspard said. “They are certainly a team that is on track to be a
regional-type team.”

South Alabama is atop the Sun Belt Conference with an
overall record of 28-10. The majority of the Jaguars’ offense came in the fourth
inning when they recorded five runs off of five hits. They then put up two more
runs the following inning. Alabama’s starting pitcher,
Kyle Cameron, finished with 4.0 innings and six earned runs.

“When they hit us with the five and the two, I though we
kind of caved in a little bit tonight,” Gaspard said. “I didn’t like to see that.”

The one positive may have been Georgie Salem extending his hitting
streak to ten games. Alabama was able to get eight hits, but were only able to
plate one run, leaving nine runners on base. South Alabama’s Randy Bell went
8.0 innings into the ballgame and only gave up two runs.

“The older guys, that’s on us, and the offense as a whole,” Salem
said. “When Bramblett Friday is keeping the score as low as he is and we don’t
pick him up, that makes us feel bad and it should. It’s on us, and like [coach
Gaspard] said, we just have to continue to work.”

Alabama will travel to No. 3 Texas A&M for a three-game
series staring on Friday. Alabama is looking to make up some ground against the
Aggies who are currently on top of the SEC West.

“I think it’s pretty evident that our offense going to have
to score more runs than we have been scoring on SEC weekends, and weeknights for
that matter,” Salem said. “I believe in us, I know everybody else in the lineup
does and the rest of the team. So I think if we just go in there confident, it
will happen. I really do.”

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports