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We asked how y’all were doing during halftime of Alabama’s contest with Clemson in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, when it was tied 14-14.

Some were good! Others were… less good.

@TheCrimsonWhite PERFECT!!!!

— ThereIsaidIt (@elizsim1) January 12, 2016

@TheCrimsonWhite I’m gonna have a heart attack

— Joshua Smith (@sexyjosh1997) January 12, 2016

4 bourbons and two margaritas in

— Caleb Pomeroy (@CalebPomeroy) January 12, 2016


— Craig LeNoir (@LeNoiraSaurus83) January 12, 2016

Others were harsh but fair

I hate you for even asking

— Chris B (@therealcbuzz) January 12, 2016

Some, I’m not even sure why you’re following us.

Great!!! #ALLIN #RollTide #NationalChampionship #BellingerBowl®

— Chris Bellinger (@bellinger_chris) January 12, 2016 …read more

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