By (Sean Landry)

The Alabama basketball team opened the Avery Johnson era with a sluggish 77-64 win over Kennesaw State on Friday night. The win showcased the struggles the team faces to implement the high-speed offense Johnson promised when he took over as head coach in the spring. 

The Crimson Tide jumped out to a 43-32 lead at halftime, shooting with fewer than 20 seconds left on the shot clock just a handful of times, the latest shot in the first half coming with 11 seconds on the shot clock. 

The first five minutes of the second half saw nine points scored by Alabama on 4-for-9 shooting. From 14:43 to 10:24, the Crimson Tide wouldn’t score at all, a drought broken by a Jimmie Taylor layup. The Crimson Tide made seven field goals the rest of the game. 

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports