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Tonight, the College Football Playoff Committee will unveil its fourth top 25 of the season. Last week we ranked breakfast places even though one of our committee members had absolutely no business discussing a meal that occurs before his alarm goes off at noon every day. (That committee member has since eaten at Rama Jama’s and now considers that the best and only actual breakfast place he has eaten at in Tuscaloosa).

This week the committee (minus Sean who is taking a hardly deserved break) will tell you what to eat for Thanksgiving. 

1. Clemson (1)
1. Alabama (1)
3. Iowa
4. Michigan State
5. Oklahoma
5. Notre Dame
7. Baylor
8. Ohio State
9. Oklahoma State
10. Michigan
10. North Carolina

Here is how the votes went. 

                              Kelly Ward           Tyler WaldrepClemson
3rd4thMichigan State
4th6thNotre Dame
7th7thOhio State
8th8thOklahoma State
9th9thNorth Carolina

What’s on our Thanksgiving plates.

Kelly Ward – Digital Managing EditorThe arguments against Turkey. 

1. Ham: Turkey can get off its high horse. Turkey Day is a lame holiday. It’s Thanksgiving. I don’t know why anyone would be thankful for turkey.

2. Mashed potatoes: There are side dishes and then there’s mashed potatoes, which I could eat all day. In fact, I spend a lot of Thanksgiving eating mashed potatoes.

3. Pie: Save the best for last

4. Bread: There’s always bread and it’s always amazing.

5. Yeah, I’m just making myself hungry now

6. Green beans: If I have to be healthy I guess…

Tyler Waldrep – Assistant Sports Editor

1.Mashed potatoes: The best part of Thanksgiving is the sides and mashed potatoes are the king of sides. Apply as much brown gravy as seems appropriate or eat them plain.

2.Ham: Turkey is great, but it’s no ham. If you’ve only got enough room on your plate for one meat grab some ham and if there’s enough room for turkey then you probably didn’t grab enough ham.

3.Dessert- Whatever is for dessert, and no sweet potato anything does not count, belongs here. My personal favorites involve pies of the apple variety and homemade chocolate chip cookies made by my aunt.

4.Macaroni and cheese- Only the cheesiest of dishes belongs this high on the list.

5.Dressing- I don’t know what stuffing is but keep it off my plate. Dressing is a Thanksgiving must.

6.Turkey- I guess if the ham runs out. 

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