By (Terrin Waack)

During Saturday’s game, Alabama threw three interceptions. Two were from quarterback Jake Coker and one was from quarterback Cooper Bateman.

Accuracy in its passing game is something Alabama looks to improve on for future games.

During Tuesday’s viewing period of practice, the quarterbacks threw a variety of passes to their wide receivers. All of the quarterbacks participated in throwing reps including but not limited to Coker, Bateman, Blake Barnett and Alec Morris.

They started with long, simple passes, some of which were overthrown and off the mark. The short, quick passes appeared to consistently be on target. Even the slightly longer – but still fast – passes made it into the arms of the running wide receivers.


The linebackers, such as Denzel Devall, Ryan Anderson, Tim Williams, Rashaan Evans and others, were doing agility drills at the beginning of the viewing period. They focused on their footwork and speed.D.J. Pettway, Jonathon Allen, Jarran Reed, A’Shawn Robinson, Darren Lake and other defensive linemen practiced their reaction time to a snap at the line of scrimmage.Instead of working on receiving during this time, the tight ends were working on their blocks. Finishing their blocks has been something Alabama wants to focus on and be sure to do more often. Dakota Ball, O.J. Howard, TY Flournoy-Smith, Hale Hentges and others participated in the drill.Chris Black, Richard Mullaney, ArDarius Stewart, Cam Sims, Calvin Ridley and other wide receivers took reps from all of the quarterbacks and ran different routes. As mentioned, some long passes went over their heads but short ones were on point.

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports