By (Terrin Waack)

The Georgia game can be counted down for on one hand – four days.

At Tuesday’s practice, there was no rain, but it was gloomy outside just as it was Monday. Alabama is going into Saturday’s game as the underdog for the first time since 2009, and of course, the weather reflecting the mood or just a coincidence.


A group of linebackers including Dillon Lee, Denzel Devall and Ryan Anderson, worked on their footwork, being fast on their feet and then attacking standup dummies. During a rep, Lee hit the dummy hard enough that he ended up falling on top of it, getting a joke from some teammates.

Defensive linemen appeared to be working on snap reaction time and bursting forward with power where the opponent’s offensive line would be during a game. This drill included Jarran Reed, A’Shawn Robinson, D.J. Pettway and others.There seemed to be a lot of focus on blocking because of Georgia’s running backs.

The running backs were on the far side of the field during the beginning of the viewing period and from what could be seen were working on staying low and blocking. Later, they combined with an offensive and defensive line to practice routes and finding creases.

Tight ends, including O.J. Howard, TY Flournoy-Smith, Dakota Ball and Truett Harris, also worked on their blocking instead of receiving passes.

The quarterbacks, including Jake Coker, Cooper Bateman and others, worked on long passes to wide receivers. Passes were sharp and on their target from what was seen. Some of the run paths for the wide receivers included cutting across midfield and running down for a sideline pass.

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports