By (Matt Speakman)

Students will have a chance to scratch their competitive itch when intramural signups begin this week.

This year slight changes have been made to the sign up process. Changes include consolidating the sign ups to two different periods occurring Aug. 25- Sept. 1 and Sept. 22-29. The two different sign up periods allow for students to play multiple sports in the semester without the risk of them overlapping too much. Kevin Paul, a senior finance student and veteran intramural athlete, believes the consolidated sign up periods are good for the system.

“It really allows for students to work different sports into their schedule,” Paul said. “I know the academic year can get busy, so to have the opportunity to play as many sports as possible is fantastic.”

The University has formatted the sports into two different styles, tournament and season play. Season play is a traditional regular season that ends with the best teams qualifying for a play-off. Tournament style is a smaller style of league. Teams are put into groups of three, where the top two teams from each group advances to a single elimination tournament. The two types of leagues play into the amount of people that usually sign up, so a sport like 7v7 football plays in the more traditional format due to its popularity.

Brooke Turner, Assistant Director of Competitive Sports, said having a variety of different sports is important. This allows students to try out different sports to see what suits their interests. Offerings range from basketball to sand volleyball.

“We want to try to offer something that everybody could have an interest in,” Turner said. “That is why we offer so many different sports.”

The budget for Intramural Sports mostly comes from an allocation. While the department does receive funding, the students play a role in making the sports happen.

“The fees we charge the teams help offset some of the costs for games,” Turner said. “But the majority of our budget comes from an allocation. We are very mindful of the budget.”

Intramural sign ups begin this week for flag football, ultimate frisbee, outdoor soccer and sand volleyball.

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports