By (Shemaiah Kenon)

No World Cup finalist has ever won the World Cup with more than two goals, until Carli Lloyd of the U.S. Women’s National Team scored three goals in the first half in Sunday’s final against Japan.

“I’ve dreamed of scoring a shot like that,” said Carli Lloyd on scoring a hat trick against Japan that resulted in the United States becoming the first country to win three World Cups.

This is the second time in the Women’s World Cup where the United States faced Japan in the final, and all knew it was going to be a game that would force viewers to remain on the edge of their seats.

Lloyd was the leading scorer in the 5-2 victory, followed by Lauren Holiday’s goal and Tobin Heath with the finisher.

After the first half, Japan began to make a comeback after getting a second goal. However, the United States wiped away any hope Japan had to win the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup after the first 20 minutes into the game.

The United States’ stellar performance against Japan shattered TV ratings. The Fox Broadcasting Company said it was “the highest metered market rating ever for a soccer game in the U.S. on a single network.” Telemundo also said that its Sunday broadcast of the game delivered over 1.2 million viewers and became “the most watched game of a FIFA Women’s World Cup in U.S. Spanish-language TV.”

It was the United States women’s soccer team versus Japan, but Lloyd clearly could have won the Women’s World Cup all on her own. Lloyd’s athleticism is enough to describe her as her own entity and to why she is a phenomenal athlete. Kate Markgraf, a player in the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup, commended Lloyd on her three goals and stated, “This is a performance we’ve been wanting for 16 years.” Since her amazing performance during the finals, she has gained over 50,000 new Twitter followers. Not only did her following amount increase dramatically, but she was also able to receive a tweet from President Obama congratulating her on a great game.

Feminists everywhere are jumping for joy after Lloyd’s performance. Maybe Carli Lloyd will consider running for a U.S. presidential election one day or become the new face on the $10 bill. After scoring the majority of the goals against Japan during the World Cup, she alone is a good enough reason as to why women deserve to receive equal pay.

Thanks to the United States Women’s National Team and Carli Lloyd, America’s Fourth of July weekend closed with a bang.

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Source:: The Crimson White Sports