There is no question that game days in Tuscaloosa are hectic. Between the tailgating and the hustle and bustle of getting to Bryant-Denny Stadium, many fans lose the chance to sit back and relax on Saturday.

Hooligans, located at 1915 University Blvd., might very well be Tuscaloosa’s cure to the fast paced stress of game days.

“Hooligans is awesome because it has this really great combination of really good and affordable food,” said Alex Hollinghead, a senior majoring in math and philosophy. “They have this whole environment where you can go and hang out with your friends. They have a patio where you always see people hanging out with their friends. It is just really good.”

The restaurant that specializes in both Mediterranean and American cuisine offers Alabama fans a more relaxed setting for game days. However just because Hooligans offers a change of pace from the norm does not mean they lose out on any of Alabama’s football traditions.

“I think it is just because everybody here loves football,” manager Khalid Ismael said. “90 percent of workers are not American, they didn’t grow up with football, but everybody over here loves football. The atmosphere over here is like you are at the stadium.”

Just like the Crimson Tide, Hooligans has had its share of success in recent years. The restaurant has had its burger voted best in the town five years running.

“Oh man their burger is good,” Hollinghead said. “They definitely make a mean burger at Hooligans. It tastes really homemade, it’s really appealing.”

The juicy down home burger, must have a secret to its success. However, Ismael said he wasn’t about to let his competitors in on the secret.

“It’s our secret stuff man,” Ismael said. “We make it with love.”

If you are not in the mood for a burger Hooligans has plenty to offer especially from the Mediterranean variety.

““My favorite thing to get there is the gyro,” Hollinghead said. “It is really savory, if you like the gyros at Tut’s you will like them at Hooligans. They come with a big side of fries, and the fries have a great seasoning on them. The combination of quality and atmosphere make it my favorite place for Greek food.”

On game days Hooligans is the perfect place to catch a burger with friends. Unlike some other restaurants in Tuscaloosa, Hooligans is not over packed before games. Its location on University Boulevard makes it accessible on your way to the game.

“It is really not that far from the stadium,” Hollinghead said. “If you are looking for someplace to go on game day, it would definitely be a good place to go before or after the game.”

So if you are a fan who is fed up with rushing around on Saturdays, take a change of pace and hit up Hooligans for a relaxing home-style experience.