When you walk inside Bryant-Denny stadium, you see 100,000 screaming fans, a beautifully maintained field and Jumbotrons that rival the one in the Dallas Cowboys’ “Jerry World.”

Originally built with a capacity of 12,000, Bryant-Denny stadium has grown to be the fifth largest stadium in the country and second largest in the Southeastern Conference, seating 101,821.

But what you don’t see are the countless hours the grounds keeping staff put into getting the stadium prepared for game days and other events hosted inside Bryant-Denny.

“It takes months of planning and preparing,” Brandon Sevedge, director of athletic facilities, said. “We started pressuring washing the stadium about a month ago. We have to pressure wash all of the concrete inside and outside the stadium, which is a timely process.

“We had to get all of the windows cleaned and check all of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to make sure everything is in working order. We clean all of the carpet and touch up the paint. It takes a really long time.”

Stadium clean up may be an even longer process. After more than 100,000 people leave a place, there is bound to be a lot of garbage left behind.

“There is a large amount of people that come in and clean up all of the trash in the stands,” Sevedge said. “They have used blowers to blow out all of the trash. They also have to clean up every skybox and the entire North and South Zones.”

Alabama has one of the more beautiful stadiums among all of college football teams. One of the things that make it so great is the field display. When opposing teams come out, the Alabama logo in the center of the field sends an unspoken message about the history and tradition of how great Alabama football is and what it has meant to college football. To keep it beautiful, the field is always being worked on.

“It’s constantly maintained on a daily basis,” Sevedge said. “It’s not on any special surface, but there is an under drain system to get rid of the water if it rains.”

So next time you are enjoying the beautiful arena that is Bryant-Denny Stadium, be sure to pay a silent tribute to those who work hard on making Saturday in Tuscaloosa a great experience. And clean up your trash. Roll Tide!