Former Alabama quarterback Bart Starr poses for a photo when he played for the Crimson Tide. Starr went on to win the first two Super Bowls with the Green Bay Packers. / Bryant Museum

GameDay: Coming out of high school you wanted to play for Coach Bryant at Kentucky, and then you wanted to go to Auburn? How did you end up at Alabama?
Bart Starr: I was leaning towards Bear. My high school coach named Bill Mosley had played for Bear and he was very strong in favor of me going to Kentucky, and I would of gone in a heartbeat. When I discovered Cherry was going to Auburn, it changed my feelings, so I wanted to go to Alabama and continue to spend time with her. It worked. After my sophomore year we married and she helped me through school, making me focus.

GD: How was it starting as a QB and being a punter?
BS: it was a real challenge because you would have a bad drive and you head to the sideline to regroup, but than you realize you have to get back out and punt the ball. I would have rather there been another punter because I was basically giving the defense the ball after I led a horrible drive.

GD: You were benched for your senior season but basketball coach Johnny Dee helped you get to the NFL with his contacts. Talk about Coach Dee.
BS: One of the greatest men I’d ever known. I am an avid basketball fan and outside of football, away from the classroom, I would go watch basketball practice and go watch the games on the bench and see what transited from practice to a game. I remain great friends with one of [the basketball players], Leon Marlelle.

GD: What was it like playing under Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi?
BS: Well, I didn’t get to play as much I liked for him. When I started in Green Bay, there was another coach, and they released him and there was one more before Coach Vince. So, two other coaches before Coach Lombardi. But when he got there, it was like waking up to bright sunlight compared to rainy days.

GD: What team did you always look forward to playing?
BS: I can’t just pick one. There were several, all of them SEC teams. There is a special feeling playing in that conference. I think it was a challenge. Auburn naturally was a huge game. But many others were a challenge and a huge game. The SEC is a conference like no other conference in the college football world.