GameDay: What is your favorite memory?

Freddie Kitchens: The 1996 Iron Bowl. My adrenalin was pumping and we were trailing Auburn with 32 seconds. I saw Dennis [Riddle] open off the screen, and we scored and we beat Auburn.

GD: Many Alabama faithful were upset when you were a coach for LSU.

FK: I was only there for a year [laughs].

GD: What is the main difference between college and NFL?

FK: There is a difference, but I just can’t put it in words. They are two completely different worlds. College you have class and studies and football. NFL you have football, just football.

GD: What is the one thing you enjoy about watching Alabama football?

FK: The tradition. It is something no other school can match. I also like to see how far back my passing records will fall [laughs].

GD: What is more thrilling? Running out of the tunnel for the Super Bowl or for an Alabama game?

FK: I was only in pads for Alabama, never NFL. So each has its own special part to me.