GameDay: The goal line stand – what was going through your mind before the snap?
Barry Krauss: Penn State called a timeout and I was thinking they are either going to do a play action pass or run it outside. I backed off and gave room so I didn’t get caught up in the wash. They ran it right at us. I ran up and made the hit.

GD: Do you ever think that you’re the reason Alabama has 13, not 12, national championships?
BK: I do. It was my greatest play ever and my greatest hit ever. It is something you dream of – national stage, national championship. We were the underdogs, and we won. I had no idea the impact it would have afterwards.

GD: Other than the Goal Line Stand, what was your favorite memory with the Tide?
BK: In 1976, I had a turning point. I was frustrated because I was not starting. With Coach Bryant, he wants you, but he doesn’t need you. I played hard in practice but never got to start. I missed curfew one night. In all my four years, Coach Bryant never checked if we were in before curfew, but that night he did. I had to go before him knowing he told my position coach to call my parents and get me a ride home because I was cut. I said sorry to him but he wouldn’t look at me. So I started crying. Still nothing. So, I started crying at another level. Jerking around in my chair and being loud. I told him my mom would kill me. He gave me a second chance when he could of easily sent me home. From there I changed as a football player.

GD: What is one thing you took from Coach Bryant?
BK: Simple. Always show your class and never give up. We had Auburn players spit at us, and he wouldn’t allow us to retaliate He said line up and do it the right way.

GD: The Penn State-Alabama rivalry will be renewed this week. How excited are you?
BK: I’d love to see it more. We did it a couple years after the [1979] Sugar Bowl, but it died out after that. I’m excited to see the game in Tuscaloosa.

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